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Q: Difference between smoking, vaping, and edibles

Q: Difference between smoking, vaping, and edibles

Author: Mock Webware |

Although Vaping and smoking are alike, vaping does not need neither burning nor combustion when heated. As when cannabis is vaped, the active ingredients are heated at reduced temperatures.

So what differentiates them? Well, researchers believe there’s a reduced risk of lung irritation when marijuana is vaped because you totally bypass the combustion that usually comes hand-in-hand with smoking. Another benefit of vaping over smoking is that unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t release harmful compounds into the respiratory system which makes vaping a healthier alternative to reap the rewards of cannabis.

How about edibles vs. smoking? Ingesting your cannabis may be preferred to smoking so as to stay clear of the irritations linked with smoking and may also be considered if you want to experience longer-lasting effect as its effects can last up to half a day.

Edibles vs. vaping? Individuals looking for an option to curb the discomforts of throat irritation would pick edibles over smoking, but why then would they choose edibles over vapes? Well edibles could still be preferred over vapes as a safer option because vaping still involves the use of heat. Also edibles have been used as a way to enjoy your marijuana while still staying under the radar as it does not attract any unwanted attention.

Disclaimer – This is not to be considered as medical advice. Please consult your doctor.



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